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You are watching now the Australia movie has Documentary Genres and produced in Australia with 64 min runtime. Brought to you by Watch4HD.net and directed by Claudiu Mitcu,

How do seven young people, former street children from Romania, get to see the Pacific Ocean? On 1 December 2008, a Romanian national team participates for the first time in the Homeless World Cup in Melbourne, Australia. The film follows the team from the formation of the squad to the end of the championship. The young people are from Timisoara and Arad, runaway children who now live in abandoned houses or who have managed to get a job and live in rented accommodation after going through orphanages or prisons. After taking a beating from many teams, the young Romanians manage to beat the USA. They are happy. They are all thinking of never going “home” again. It’s warm and nice here, the people are nice. “In case I stay, I kissed you all!” says one of them cautiously. But after taking pictures of themselves on the beach with the ocean behind them and beautiful girls by their side, the seven return to Romania and get on with their lives.

Duration: 64 min

Quality: DVD


IMDb: 10