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Captain Volkonogov Escaped

Captain Volkonogov Escaped

You are watching now the Captain Volkonogov Escaped movie has Drama Thriller Genres and produced in Russia with 126 min runtime. Brought to you by Watch4HD.net and directed by Alexey Chupov,

Captain Fedor Volkonogov works in law enforcement. He is on the good books of the management, and his colleagues respect him. But one day, his life abruptly changes: he is declared a criminal. The Captain manages to run away before he is arrested. Suddenly he turns into an outcast, whom his former colleagues search across the whole city. At night Volkonogov is visited by a messenger from the other world, who warns him that after death he will go hell and be tormented forever. But he has an opportunity to change his fate and get to paradise if he repents, and at least one person forgives him. The Captain embarks on his way to find forgiveness. But he cannot even fathom what tests are awaiting him on this way.