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Coronado: The New Evidence

Coronado: The New Evidence

You are watching now the Coronado: The New Evidence movie has Documentary Genres and produced in USA with 85 min runtime. Brought to you by Watch4HD.net and directed by Frances Causey,

Coronado: The New Evidence explores one of the longest-standing archaeological mysteries in the United States-the land route taken by famed explorer Francisco Vazquez de Coronado who from 1539-1542 was attempting to find vast wealth and fame while traveling north from Mexico. Through the intrepid and tireless work of Arizona-based Dr. Deni Seymour, we now know where Coronado’s expedition first crossed into what would later become the continental United States. The filmmakers have exclusive access to the Coronado archeological site where our cameras have been rolling for two years as Dr. Seymour unearthed hundreds of Coronado artifacts including a breathtaking 15th-century “wall gun” that is the first firearm to enter what is now the United States. This discovery has dire, catastrophic far-reaching implications-not only for US history-but for the indigenous people, the Sobaipuri, and their descendants, the Wa:k O’odham, who first encountered Coronado. The Wa:k O’odham soberly and thoughtfully share their reaction and meaning of this breakthrough discovery by Seymour. Coronado was not exempt from the well-known litany of crimes committed by white Europeans against American Indigenous peoples. Dr. Seymour also discovered evidence of a Sobapuri revolt pre-dating the American Revolution, making it the first real American Revolution in what is now the U.S. This single battle kept white explorers out of the region for another 150+ years. Perhaps the biggest discovery by Seymour is that this Coronado site is the first established Spanish colony in the Southwest United States. This villa/town pre-dates San Agustín and Roanoke. Deni J. Seymour, Ph.D., has research affiliations with the University of Colorado Boulder and the University of Arizona and at Jornada Research Institute. She is the author of Where the Earth and Sky Are Sewn Together: Sobaipuri- O’odham Contexts of Contact and Colonialism (The University of Utah Press, 2011), as well as other books.

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