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National Treasure, National Disgrace

National Treasure, National Disgrace

You are watching now the National Treasure, National Disgrace movie has Crime Documentary Genres and produced in UK with 94 min runtime. Brought to you by Watch4HD.net and directed by Nick Broughall,

For years Jimmy Savile, Rolf Harris, Stuart Hall and Gary Glitter were adored by fans – but the horrifying truth of how they abused vulnerable fans and junior employees has now emerged. These men were serial abusers, getting away with it in plain sight. With contributions from those who suffered at the hands of these predatory men, this documentary reveals how this was allowed to happen. Did entertainment bosses turn a blind eye to the offences? Were the authorities slow to react? And did the Britain of the time dismiss anyone who dared to ‘speak out’?

Duration: 94 min

Quality: DVD


IMDb: 8